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    시애틀지구촌교회에서 EM Pastor(전도사/사역자)를 모십니다.

    - Pastor for Youth(English Speaking Congregation)

    • Job Summary: This part-time position is responsible for leading our English ministry, The Youth Pastor will collaborate with the Senior Pastor and other ministry teams, and report to the Senior Pastor on a periodic basis.

    • Characteristics:

    1. A faithful follower of Jesus Christ with a deep personal relationship with Him

    2. A passion for English Ministry

    3. Strong communication skills with EM

    4. A leader who shows the example of the Christian life

    • Responsibilities:

    1. lead Sunday services and activities.

    2. Provide leadership to the overall youth ministry

    3. Participate in staff meetings with the Senior Pastor

    4. Communicate effectively with Next Generation and their parents

    * P.S - 가족처럼 주님과 교회를 함께 섬기실 믿음의 동역자를 모십니다. 편안한 마음으로 전화 주세요.

      email: ijiguchon@gmail.com / 혹은 425-350-0191 (김목사)

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