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작성자 나성금란연…| 작성일2021-05-06 | 조회조회수 : 710회


나성금란연합감리교회(krumc.org)에서 2세 신앙교육의 비전을 품고 함께 동역할 중고등부를 사역할 목회자를 청빙하고자 합니다.


1)    교단은 상관 없음

2)    한국어와 영어로 설교와 대화가 가능하신 분


1)    이력서(영어, 가족사진 첨부)

2)    자기소개서(영어)

3)    영어설교 동영상 or 음성파일(동영상 링크주소를  첨부하셔도 됩니다.)

Kum Ran United Methodist Church (Gardena, CA)

Job Description: We are currently looking for a pastor who will oversee the youth ministry (Jr. and Sr. High School combined) under the supervision of the EM/Education pastor.


Weekly Responsibilities: 

Sunday ministry, Friday Night evening ministry, Monthly (periodic) staff meeting (Approximately 20-25 hours at church and off-site prep). 

***During COVID-19: creativity and connection

Zoom/google meet Bible study; teacher’s meetings

Phone calls/social media/etc to connect with students

Meeting with students 1 on 1 or in small pods with social distancing / masks (following state, county, denominational guidelines)

Organizing and managing teachers and staff, planning bible studies, etc. Also responsible for youth events: graduation, retreats, conferences, training, missions, etc

* The youth pastor will be a part of the church staff and will work with full-time staff to help the church as a whole be one community with a common vision and purpose.


* heart/passion for youth

* Good communication skill (preaching, interaction with students, teachers, parents)

* Self-motivated leader/team player (teachers and pastoral staff)

* Flexible and open to learning and growing

* Capable of interaction with Korean parents (some basic Korean preferred)

* A current seminary student or graduate

Compensation/Salary - commensurate with experience

Please submit applications by May 31st. (we will consider all applications received by the end of May or until the position is filled.)

Please contact pastor James Kim 

Email: jameskkim@gmail.com

Phone: 925 209-7968

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