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[CA] Pastor of English Congregation

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작성자 KCM뉴스| 작성일2021-02-17 | 조회조회수 : 316회


교회 정보

교회이름 : Dong Shin Church

소속교단 : KPCA

교회주소 : 2505 Yorba Linda Blvd Fullerton CA, 92831


목회자 청빙 정보


Dong Shin Church of Southern California 

DSEC is the English speaking congregation of Dong Shin Presbyterian Church (KPCA), 

a thriving Korean-American church that has been around for 42 years.

We are pursuing an interdependent model between the KC & EC, aiming to be 

a healthy multi-generational and multi-cultural community. 

The EC is consisted of college students, young adults, married couples and families.


M. Div or higher in education

At least 4 years of ministry experience

Cultural fluency to navigate between KC and EC relationship

[Job Description] 

Oversee EC as lead pastor (preaching, teaching, vision casting, etc.)

Cooperate/Coordinate with KC and education department

[Application Requirement] 

Resume (include education history, ministry/work experiences, skill set, and personal profile)

Letters of Recommendation (2 letters, from ministry leader and/or seminary professor)

Preaching samples (2 videos; on-line links good)

[How to Apply]

By Mail

Dong Shin Church of Southern California

2505 Yorba Linda Blvd

Fullerton CA, 92831

By email:


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남가주동신교회 Dong Shin Presby. Church of S.California

담임목사 백정우 이 메 일 dongshin21@yahoo.com
교회주소 2505 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton, CA, 92831 홈페이지 www.dongshinchurch.com
전화번호 714-680-9556 소속교단 해외한인장로회 (KPCA)

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