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    [CA] Seeking Youth Pastor

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    Redeeming Grace is the English-speaking congregation of Rejoicing Presbyterian Church of Southern California. We are a member of the KAPC denomination located in Harbor City, CA. Our EM congregation is comprised of 30 members, with adults and youth together where EM adults and youth worship together. We are currently seeking a part-time Assistant Pastor passionate for the gospel and the body of Christ.


    While we are an integrated congregation, we are looking for an individual who will minister primarily to the youth. If on the pastoral track, the individual will have the opportunity to preach once a month. The Assistant Pastor will be serving under the leadership of our EM pastor with a focus on youth. The main purpose is to train and grow the individual and to meet the ministering needs of our church. Upon here, we will work together on a final description of roles with individual's goals in mind.



    -    Legally able to work in the US

    -    A clear calling & passion for pastoral ministry for youth

    -    2+ years of ministry experience involved in youth ministry

    -    Attending/graduated from an accredited seminary

    -    Upholds the teaching and values of the reformed faith

    -    Godly characters and values to be a member of our pastoral staff

    -    Fluent in English, awareness and competence in the Korean language and culture preferred

    Job description

        Provide spiritual leadership for youth and bring students to saving faith in Christ.

        Counsel students by spending time and building relationships.

        Prepare and equip teachers for Bible Study.

        Coordinate planning and implementation of Youth Ministry events.

        Develop relationships with parents and facilitate parent involvement in ministry.

        Monthly preaching opportunity

    Application Submission

        Resume (Please include a picture of yourself or family)

        Testimony (How you came to Christ, how/when you received your calling to ministry, current relationship with Christ)

        Statement of Faith

        2 samples of sermon (online link preferred)

        2 References


    Please email your documents:


    Church Website: Church Phone Number : 310-326-0300

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    전화번호 310-326-0300 소속교단 미주한인예수교장로회 (KAPC)

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