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Casting Crowns Tour Dates 2020

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작성자 KCMUSA| 작성일2020-08-01 | 조회조회수 : 1,569회



Casting Crowns Tour Dates 2020

Aug 1

Silver Moon Drive-In Theater

4100 New Tampa Hwy

Lakeland, FL33815

(863) 682-0849

Casting Crowns biography

Casting Crowns is a Grammy award winning American Christian contemporary rock band formed in 1999 from Florida. The group is made up of pastors and ministers many of whom play a variety of instruments.

Live reviews

Casting Crowns are an enchanting Christian rock band with mesmerizing and unique music that really touches you on a spiritual level, even in a concert setting. I was surprised at how good they were live, they are very talented! One of the things I loved most about the concert was the atmosphere. It was magical, the lights were dimmed and the group was lit up with blue light, making the setting very emotional. This was amplified by the band's body language and movements on stage, it was all very emotive and beautiful to watch. 

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