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[CA] We are seeking a Part time minister or Pastor
할렐루야한… 2020.03.22 08:30:32 PM 조회 : 1435
First Southern Baptist Church of walnut (할렐루야한인교회) has an opening position for a part time E.M minister and pastor.  

We are seeking a Part time minister or Pastor RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: 
1. Shepherd and lead the overall growth of FSBC Youth and E.M students. 
2. Provide English worship, Spiritual guidance and counseling to the members of FSBC 
3. Plan and Activities for fellowship and spiritual growth. 
 4. Lead/ Train the members (Bible Study, Praise team) 

- Provide leadership and guidance to the Sunday school teachers 
-Develop Sunday school programs 
- Recruit, training and guide Sunday school teachers 

1. Adherencetore for Southern Baptist Theology and Doctrine 
2. Bilingual in English and Korean (Not Required but Preferred) 
3. Married Preferred but Not Required. 

In addition, give us your address, phone number, e-mail, and status in US. 

If interested, please submit a: hallelujahkorean@gmail.com 

1. Resume 
2. Personal Statement: include family background, faith testimony, philosophy of ministry, and interests & talents 
3. Statement of personal faith (1 page Maximum) 
4. Submit materials at hallelujahkorean@gmail.com, Documents will not be returned. 

Contact:: Pastor John, Song TEL: 909-595-3110 or 909-485-7753

 E-mail: hallelujahkorean@gmail.com
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