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[WA] Youth/Young Adults Pastor 중고등부/EM 사역자 청빙
antioch 2018.11.07 08:01:35 AM 조회 : 452

Organization Name and Address

Antioch Presbyterian Church

4242 Jones Ave NE Renton WA 98056  


website : www.antiochlife.org


Position Type



Purpose: To work in conjunction with the director Pastor for Youth and Young Adults Ministry to expose, equip and engage youth, with an emphasis on grades from 6th to 11th, toward a more fully committed life in Jesus Christ that they might find their destiny in Christ. Most of member in our youth group are Korean.

Philosophy: The Youth Ministry of our Church includes both middle school and high school grades. As youth pastor youth you should communicate with senior pastor in creating vision, direction and implementation of the shape of ministry.


Qualifications: Loves God, loves youth. Confident with and enjoys working with youth member. This is a position that requires ministry skills and previous experience, with a calling, training, and experience in youth ministry. Qualities include leadership, strong relational and programming skills, entrepreneurial gifts, teaching skills, financial management abilities. We prefer person who can speak both Korean and English language to person who just speak English. (This is not absolute condition)



As director for Youth and Young Adults Ministry you should develop and execute programs designed for Middle School and high school youth of the church, helping them to become committed and growing disciples by understanding what it means to follow Christ. You should also lead Bible study with young adult members and work toward building up a separate English ministry. You are required to work at least 3 days (including Sundays) every week.


$3,000 dependent on qualifications and experience


Contact Name

Sehyuk Park


Email and/or Website

Email: antiochpccm@gmail.com
Website:   www.antiochlife.org

(Please send a resume and self-introduction letter with email)

안디옥장로교회 Antioch Presby. Church
주  소 4242 Jones Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056
TEL 425-204-9191 FAX
Hompage www.antiochlife.org Email joysong99@naver.com
최근수정일 2019. 03. 04 교단 해외한인장로회(KPCA)
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담임목사 : 권오국
Pastor : Ohkook Kwon
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