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[CA] EM (English Ministry) Part-Time Pastor (목사님)을 찾습니다
최재민 2018.08.08 03:29:02 PM 조회 : 465
Part-Time 목사님을 찾습니다.
8월 중 인터뷰하시고 9월2일 첫주부터 사역하실 수 있습니다.


We’re looking for a Pastor who has a heart for EM adult ministry and has a vision to build up them as Christian leaders and help them to serve others in their faith. Currently, we have about 10 EM members, but you could revive EM if you have a heart to do so. The pastor’s main responsibilities are as follows, but not limited to:

- Preach and Teach the Gospel every Sunday 
  (Currently, Friday night service is optional; but you could implement a discipleship program)
- Be a team player with the KM and Other EM/Educational Departments, esp. for Church wide events
- Cooperate and help Youth Summer mission trip with other EM participants
- Make EM events and revival plans
- Lead the Staff Meeting with Youth and CM pastors regularly since they are under EM Pastor's leadership
- Attend the meeting with Sr. Pastor and other KM Associate Pastors (currently, Bi-Monthly)
- Yearly planning and budgeting
- Special services: e.g. Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and etc.


- MDIV Graduate
- Have at least 4 years of experience in EM Ministry in Korean church environment, including Assistant Pastor career (minimum 1 yr of experience as an ordained EM Pastor required)
- A genuine relationship with Christ and strives to live out his/her faith
- A heart and vision/calling toward EM Adult Ministry
- A friendly people person with good communication skills
- Able to work well in a team ministry setting
- A humble heart that is open to learning and growing
- Need to have good written and verbal communication skills in English
- Good conflict management skills esp. with EM members and KM staffs
- Fluent English Speaker (Korean Listening and Speaking Ability a PLUS)

관심있으시면 Jaemin Choi <jmnchoi@yahoo.com>으로 이력서와 사진 한장을 보내주십시오.
새생명한인교회 New Life Korean Church
주  소 15 Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618
TEL 949-341-0022 FAX
Hompage WWW.newlifekpc.org Email haasoo@msn.com
최근수정일 2013. 06. 24 교단 미주한인예수교장로회(KAPC)
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담임목사 : 정철
Pastor : David Chong
아름다운 공간으로 함께 만들어가요.
10:37:54 AM

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