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[AK] em pastor
노경호 2018.06.26 04:58:23 PM 조회 : 569

Anchorage Onnuri Church (Anchorage, AK) is prayerfully seeking a pastor for our next generation ministry.


Position title: EM pastor 

General description

The EM Pastor is responsible for oversight and supervision of youth ministry so that students and families would learn to trust God in their lives. This includes proper coordination of English ministries  on Sunday and special events, recruitment, scheduling and training of volunteers and partnership with parents and families of children.


General Requirements:


·       Must be a growing Christian, deepening his/her personal relationship with Jesus Christ

·       Must genuinely love students and seek to model Christ to them at all times

·       Must be a strong team player

·       Graduate or current student of accredited seminary

·       Fluency in English – bilingual (English and Korean) preferred



·       Send all inquiries to: onnurianchorage@yahoo.com

·       Church website: http://vision.onnuri.org/anc/

앵커리지온누리교회 Anchorage Onnuri Community Church
주  소 4801 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99503
TEL (907)569-9191 FAX (907)569-9181
Hompage anc.onnuri.org Email onnurianchorage@yahoo.com
최근수정일 2016. 04. 06 교단 Onnuri Mission Alliance(OMA)
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담임목사 : 박재영
Pastor :
아름다운 공간으로 함께 만들어가요.
10:39:49 AM

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