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교회부동산 안내
[MI] EM 교역자를 모십니다
유대현 2017.11.09 07:49:00 AM 조회 : 675
샬롬!! 미시간 주 로체스터 힐스(Rochester Hills, MI)에 위치한 디트로이트 제일사랑침례교회(미남침례회,SBC)에서 2018년부터 영어권(EM)을 위해서 헌신하실 사역자를 모시려고 합니다. 건강한 교회에서 팀목회를 하시면서 다음세대사역에 마음이 있으신 분이면 너무 좋겠습니다. 아래 사항을 보시고, 이메일로 서류를 보내 주시면 감사하겠습니다. Korean First Baptist Church of Detroit is looking for EM pastor. If you have a heart and vision for EM congregation, please send your documents. 

이메일(E-Mail):daehyounyoo@hotmail.com(Senior Pastor) / KFBC.48307@gmail.com(Church) 전화(Cell):248-464-5652 / 교회(Church) 248-656-3355 


Qualification 지원자격 
 1. Born Again Christian (Deeply passionate for God) 
 2. Loving heart for EM congregation 
 3. Understand the context of Immigrants' Family 
 4. Preferably, Youth Ministry Experience, at least as a youth teacher experience 
     (Loving Kids, know-how Organizing Events, Preaching the Word of God.)  
 5. Understand Daily Youth and young adult Life and counseling for Youth Kids and 
     young adult 
 6. Preferably, Holding M.Div degree 
     (M.A degree is possible if you will apply for Half or part-time) 
 7. Mainly ministry in English 
     (If you can speak Korean, it will be more preferred by our congregation) 

 Job Description 사역내용 
(Full-Time Position / Half or Part-Time Position available)   
 1. Sunday English Group(Youth and Adult) Worship Leading and Preaching 
 2. Wednesday, Friday Bible Study and Activities (weekly commitment) 
 3. Oversee the English-Speaking Group(Kids, Youth, adult)Education Program 
     (Sunday Bible Study, Seminars, Summer and Winter Retreats, special events) 
 4. Participate in Minister's Meeting 
 5. Participate in all major church events and office hours. 
 6. Organize and Lead and Serve for English-Speaking Group( youth and adult)
     Leader and teacher's meeting 
 7. Be a covenant member of the Korean First Baptist Church (after joining). 
 8. Communication with Parents (Serving for PTA meeting) 
 9. Half or Part time position available. 40 hours per week (Full-Time) 
    24 hours per week (Half) 12 hours per week (Part) 

Documents 지원자 제출서류 
 1. Ministry Resume (Including Pastoral Philosophy and Ministry Plan for EM) 
    이력서 (목회철학 및 EM 사역계획서 포함) 
 2. Personal Testimony (Conversion Experience) 구원 간증문 
 3. Personal Statements for calling (1 Page, including vision) 소명 간증문 
 4. 3 Recommendation Letters 
 (1 – Personal, 1– Pastoral Staff who you worked with before, 1 - Pastor) 추천서 3매 
 5. 2 English Sermons (If any, Youtube is preferable. Sermon script should be required 
    if you will be invited as a candidate) 영어 설교문 및 동영상 2편 

Wage for Full-Time Associate Pastor 전임사역자 사례 
1. Monthly Salary (면담 후 결정, based on one's ministry experience and ability) 
2. Housing (Church will provide housing)
3. 기타 benefit은 최종 candidate에게만 알려드릴 것입니다.  
디트로이트 제일사랑침례교회 Korean First Baptist Church
주  소 127 E. Avon Rd, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307
TEL 248-656-3355 FAX 248-656-9237
Hompage www.facebook.com/korean.first.baptist.church Email kfbc.48307@gmail.com
최근수정일 2018. 12. 05 교단 미남침례회(SBC)
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담임목사 : 유대현
Pastor : Dae Hyoun Yoo
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