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교회부동산 안내
[CO] Full time Youth Pastor/Education Director (덴버, Denver, 한인기독교회, Korean Christian Church
남성희 2017.01.11 11:13:12 AM 조회 : 1240
The Youth Ministry Pastor oversees all youth ministry programs and events, along with leading and training the youth ministry staff and student leaders. The Youth Ministry Pastor works in cooperation with the Children’s Ministry pastor, RCC (EM) pastor and the KCC (KM) pastoral staff.

  Providing spiritual leadership to all youth ministry students and staff.
  Oversee Sunday morning worship service for the spiritual development of students.
 o Prepare and give sermons.
 o Research and prepare Bible study curriculum.
 o Oversee the equipping and leading of the student praise team and the welcome team.
 o Oversee other aspects of the worship service such as bulletin, worship order, room assignments, etc.
  Oversee Friday night youth group gatherings.
 o Plan various activities (fun events, outreach events) throughout the year.
 o Plan teaching series for FNL (Friday Night Live).
 o Equip and mentor student small group leaders.
  Plan and execute major youth events throughout the year and collaborate with other pastoral staff in planning the overall ministry calendar for the church.
 o Oversee planning of youth retreats (summer and winter).
 o Oversee planning of youth missions (summer).
 o Oversee planning of VBS in collaboration with the Children’s Ministry Pastor.
  Participate in pastoral staff meetings on Tuesdays.
  Recruit, train and lead the youth ministry staff of volunteer teachers.
  Develop relationships with parents and coordinate with the Youth Group PTA chair and Education Department Elder in encouraging parent involvement.
 o Communicate regularly with parents through newsletters and PTA meetings.
 o Communicate any ministry needs with the Education Department Elder.
  Participate in coordinating and providing administrative support for other Education Department programs as needed.
 o Kidz University – 5 week summer program
 o Korean School

  A Master of Divinity or equivalent degree.
  Some experience in youth ministry is a plus
  Fluent in spoken and written English with fluency in spoken Korean as a plus.
  A strong sense of calling to local church ministry, particularly student ministry.
  A self-starter, able to be proactive in work and responsibilities.
  A teachable spirit and a desire to learn and grow.
  Strong ability to develop and maintain effective working and interpersonal relationships.
  Strong leadership and equipping skills.

Compensation and Hours
Salary – $42,000/year
Benefits – Medical/dental, gas allowance, book allowance, conference allowance, cell phone allowance
Hours – Full time

Applicants must submit 
 1) resume, 
 2) a pastoral recommendation letter,
 3) a personal recommendation letter (this person cannot be a relative), 
 4) personal testimony (1-2 pages), 
 5) an audio or video recording of a sermon. 
Applicants must also be willing to undergo a background check.

- 교육부 담당 남 성희 장로 (Sung Nam, an Elder serving the Education Dept.): 303-905-6168 (cell phone) or sungheenam@gmail.com (preferred)

Church web sites
- KCC (korean speaking): http://www.kccdenver.org/home/
RCC (English speaking): http://www.rccdenver.org/home/
한인기독교회 Korean Christian Church
주  소 1495 S.University Bl., Denver, CO 80210
TEL 303-777-6566 , 720-810-9501 FAX 303-777-0050
Hompage www.kccdenver.org Email songurim@hotmail.com
최근수정일 2009. 01. 06 교단 독립교회
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담임목사 : 송병일
Pastor : Byung Il Song
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10:03:47 PM

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